As one of our values, we are committed to being eco-conscious.

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What do we mean with Eco-Conscious?

We believe that every human being should take part in protecting and undoing the damage caused to our beautiful planet Earth that has given all living creatures so much.

As a business, this responsibility is even greater since the volume of materials we use and move globally is larger. 

Being eco-conscious about the waste that is produced is critical to ensure we continue to have our wonderful planet Earth as a home for all humankind today and future generations to come.

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Researching the materials we need to run our business, we came to these realisations:

  • There is no one perfect solution to being eco-friendly
  • There are always trade-offs when choosing eco-friendly solutions
  • There aren't always eco-friendly alternatives for some business needs

These are limitations from the current technologies available. We believe the more demand there is for eco-friendly solutions, the more focus and discoveries will happen in that area.

This is how for the time being we have proceeded with the above limitations:

There is no one perfect solution to being eco-friendly

If there is no one perfect solution, then we will have to find various solutions that come as close as possible to perfect. For example, we might not be able to avoid plastic 100% or other non eco-friendly materials but where we can, we will. 

There are always trade-offs when choosing eco-friendly solutions

Doing research is key. Sometimes even natural materials, while the end product is eco-friendly, the manufacturing process might not be. It is therefore critical to really look at the materials from start to finish.

Another important point is to partner and source materials from companies that are as equally committed to being eco-friendly and conscious as ourselves. 

There aren't always eco-friendly alternatives for some business needs

In the event that eco-friendly solutions are not available, we might not offer a product, modify it to make it more eco-conscious and/or do our best to limit the non-eco-friendly materials and solutions.

Where do we apply it?

For us being eco-conscious is a mentality and not a checkbox to tick. We apply it in every business decision we take and do our best to find the most appropriate solution. 

Here are a few areas where we have applied eco-consciousness already.

Zero Waste

Zero waste means to avoid throwing out items and materials that are perfectly fine to recycle or reuse.

As mentioned before, research is key and understanding what is eco-friendly and what is not, is not always as clear. Since the start of Tania Rosas Designs, we have made a conscious effort in choosing eco-friendly materials. 

Some of our older inventory purchased prior to starting the business and doing extensive research, wasn't always eco-friendly. Though we believe it would be counter-productive in not using it and throwing it away. We are working on finding better solutions for those.

Some of our packaging might be inconsistent as we recycle and reuse boxes and other materials from the deliveries that we receive. We encourage you to do the same with the packaging you receive from us. 

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Products and Packaging

We have put a lot of effort into finding the right materials for our products in terms of quality and eco-friendliness. A few examples are:

  • Our papers are eco-friendly and from sustainable and responsible sources,
  • Our gift wrapping paper and ribbons are eco-friendly and compostable,
  • Our cellulose bags are biodegradable
  • All fabrics used on apparel and leather goods lining are organic or recycled
  • Leather is a natural and durable material
  • Acrylic paint used for hand-painted products is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner to avoid pollution to water systems

We hope you appreciate our efforts to being eco-conscious and our commitment to learning, researching and updating our products as better technologies and solutions become available.