Gift ideas for her


Gift ideas for her

Make her feel special with a beautiful and thoughtful gift today and earn some brownie points! Gifting can be tricky because tastes can vary so much and with this list we want to inspire your to find the perfect present for her. 

To make it easy for you, we also offer gift wrap with eco-friendly paper and a small card.  

Get her a handmade leather handbag with colourful lining that will make her smile every time she opens it! And if you ever are asked to hold the bag, you can also take a peek and brighten your day ;)

We offer various styles, from tote, structured, crossbody and wristlet, so match her style to the bag. For more formal ladies, get a structured bag, the Alma or Tania bag are great. For the ladies that like their comfort in style, we recommend totes and crossbody bags, like the Seda or Bee bag. Wristlets can be used in either occasion, so it's a great choice either way. 

Denise cork leather bag


Technically this is also a bag, but we are suggesting it separately because of its material. If you are gifting to a woman that is very eco-conscious or vegan, cork leather is the right choice.

Not only will she love the sustainable aspect of the materials, but she will love the joyful design of our cork leather. We call it rainbow confetti and we have paired it with our colourful organic canvas designs for the lining. Her day will be brightened for sure. 

Cork leather is one of our latest additions, so keep an eye open for new items. 


Help her decorate her space with art that will take her imagination to colourful and magical places. Every time she sees the artwork she will have you in mind!


Snakes in Mola

Is she creative? Or likes to journal? Or she loves his todo lists? Or maybe she is an aspiring chef? Our gorgeous notebooks are a great gift for any of those ladies!

The premium pages feel amazing to the touch making it a joy to write in. If she is left-handed, you can opt-in for the top wire-bounded notebooks to give him more movement freedom. And as a bonus, you can add a personal message to the notebook to make the present unique and tailored to him. The Anemone notebook was one of our top-sellers for ladies.

If you wish to gift her a smaller details, we also offer handmade accessories from necklace, passport wallet, sunglass case and sleeves for laptops and kindles. Browse through the collection to find what she might like. 

Sreeja Passport Wallet


Anemone Hoodie Dress

Get her cosy in one of our hoodie dresses, hoodies or t-shirts. They are all made of sustainable materials and are simply buttery-soft. She is not going to want to take it off! Our apparel comes in all sizes and for ladies both the unisex casual t-shirts and the fitted t-shirt are suitable. Browse through our joyful designs to find the right one for her.

If you are unsure of her size, sneak into her closet and check her favourite t-shirt or hoodie. This will give you a good idea what to get. 



Colouring is fun at any age! If she is a creative person and likes to draw or paint, or is looking for a relaxing activity, a colouring book is a great idea.


Our colouring book Panama will take her on a magical journey to discover the biodiversity of this tropical country in Central America. Let her imagination embark on this adventure!

Colouring book

Does she love to cook and make picnics? For these ladies we recommend our cutlery bag. It is made of organic canvas and will add a pop of colour to any meal. She can add her reusable cutlery and be picnic ready at any time. This bag can also be used to take cutlery for lunches in the office once we are no longer in quarantine.

Why not pair it with a notebook that you can personalise and that she can use for her secret family recipes?


We offer gift wrapping service

Still not sure what to get?

We offer gift cards if you prefer to let her choose and can also customize a product to make it just right for her, simply contact us.