Gift ideas for kids


Children's drawing

Is a child's birthday coming up and you don't know what to get them? Or maybe you just want to spoil your child? We have compiled a few ideas of children's gifts in this page to help you find the perfect gift. 


Brighten your child's day with the joyful Denise backpack that is made of a shimmery cork leather and will match their playful spirit.

The light backpack makes it more comfortable to carry all essentials to school or play date. The organic and ethical fabrics used to handcraft this bag will feel fantastic in your child's hand.

The zipper and flap closure offer double security and will make sure nothing gets lost. And the handy divider on the inside will help them separate their items.

Denise backpack
Colouring Book Panama

Need a fun activity to entertain your kids? Colouring books are a fantastic way to get them to be creative and lose themselves in their imagination for hours. 

Our colouring books also help them learn about countries around the world through art. Our current colouring book celebrates the biodiversity of Panama and will take their imagination to a journey to the tropics.  

Our designs are uplifting and full of magic. Gift your little one a joyful apparel that will put a smile on their face and spark their imagination.

We offer a variety of designs for kids in t-shirts and hoodies. These are made out of sustainable and organic materials protecting our beautiful planet earth. 

Not only will these be buttery-soft and comfortable on your child's skin but also you will help protect their future on a healthier planet.

Kids T-shirts

We offer gift wrapping service

Still not sure what to get?

We offer gift cards if you prefer to let your kid choose and can also customize a product to make it just right, simply contact us.