Gift Wrapping Service

Next time you shop at Tania Rosas Designs for a loved one and don't fancy buying wrapping paper or wrapping it yourself, we can save you time and hassle! 

Use the Tania Rosas Designs gift wrapping service to receive your goodies beautifully wrapped leaving the best part to you: gifting the present and seeing the joy in your loved one's face!

Save time and hassle with our gift wrapping service! 

And would you have guessed that I, Tania Rosas, am a professional gift wrapper?! Read the full story in this blog article or continue reading below what the Gift Wrapping service is all about!

Wrapped gift

How your gift could look like!


Fun, versatile and eco-friendly gift wrapping

Apart from just looking pretty, it was important to us at Tania Rosas Designs to consider other aspects and offer you the best possible gift wrapping options available to us.

We have opted for:

Wrapping Paper

  • Eco-friendly and made from recycled paper

  • Colourful and fun design

  • Gender neutral for all your loved ones

  • Versatile and usable for any festivities from birthdays, weddings and any other events


    • It is compostable and biodegradable

    • The inks used are water-based and safe for the environment

    • Classic neutral colour to contrast beautifully against the colourful gift wrapping paper design


    • Every gift will also contain a small card for you to add a name or small note.

    • It will be held on the gift with a Tania Rosas Designs sticker 


    • Gift wrapping options are available for most products at a small fee of 1€ per item.

    How to avail of

    For products where gift wrapping is available, at the product page, you will see this option (see image below). Simply tick the checkbox and the additional fee will be automatically added at checkout. 


    Gift wrapping options at product page