Easy Card Making Tutorial

Easy Card Making Tutorial

Here is an easy to follow card making tutorial perfect for any occasion. With a hand-drawn design, you'll add a personal touch to your card and won't be needing a printer!


For the card making:

For the drawing:

Paper and Envelope sizes guides

If you want to ship your card, you might also need an envelope. You can use any type of envelope that you have or even make your own if you want. The only thing that's important is to make sure that the size is match your card size.

In my video I use an A4 paper size which will be folded in half, making it to a A5 size. The correct envelop size is therefore C5. These are the international paper sizes but if you are unfamiliar with them, check out this link about International Sizes and Envelope Size guide


Watch the video to see me apply the easy steps to create a hand-drawn greeting card with a personal touch. 

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