So happy you are here

Welcome my friend!

My name is Tania Rosas, a multicultural illustrator, animator and video content creator based in Dublin, Ireland. It is my dream to bring a splash of joy to people's lives through illustrations & videos.

If my content entertains you, encourages creativity or at the very least puts a smile on your face, then I've done my job!

I'm always open for new fun projects, so reach out anytime 💜

Having fun creating


Ditch the daily grind and stress – it's time to ignite your creative spark! 🌟

My tutorials are your secret weapon to discover your passions, overcome creative roadblocks, and master a world of creative hobbies.

We will draw, animate, sew and try out many more creative hobbies!

Let's break free from the mundane and embrace fearless creativity together! 🎨🚀

Animations, Videos & Projects


Need something to wind down from the hectic day to day? I create fun and quirky videos for you to enjoy!

The themes vary from fantasy, travel related, animated, educative and more. Lean back and relax with my latest projects.

Beautiful result!

"The experience of ordering this very specific art [art commission] was incredible. The artist was able to understand what I wanted and she did it perfectly."

Beautiful, joyous and quality work!

"I can only say that all her work is so very beautiful, radiating Joy! I am very susceptible to energies and thus always go for quality only! Tania is my go to!"

Excellent quality!

"Everything is beautiful! Starting with the packaging and everything else!"