Frequently Asked Questions





Do you offer art commissions?

Absolutely! Simply reach out so I can tell me more about the master piece you are thinking of. 

Do you offer bespoke bags?

You can count on it! Simply reach out so I can tell me more about your ideal bag.

Do you offer personalisation?

Yes, but not on all products. The products where personalisation is possible have a personalisation text box on the product page. You can add your personalisation details in it. For any further notes, there is an additional text box during checkout. If there are any doubts, we will double-check with you first.

Product Labels

You might have noticed some products have labels. We have added these to make it easier for you to identify certain products. At the moment the labels we are using are: 

MicroCosm Flavours Label
MicroCosm Flavours Label
Products with this label are part of the MicroCosm Flavours collection. Read more here
Pre-Order Label
Pre-Order Label
This label indicates that the products are available for pre-order.

Why are there no gift wrapping options for apparel?

At the moment, we can offer gift wrapping options only for products shipped from our workshop in Dublin. Our apparel is shipped from France, therefore gift wrapping is not currently an available option.

Do you accept returns?

We accept returns and exchanges. Please check our Refund Policy to see the eligibility conditions.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

If we have not yet started working on your order, it may be possible to cancel. Simply reach out to us via the contact us form and we will let you know if a cancellation is still possible. 

Where can I find your policies?

Our policies are listed in the footer of the website. For your convenience, you can also follow the links below:

Where do I apply discount codes?

Some discounts will apply automatically. In this case, you will see it applied during checkout.

From time to time we offer discounts available with a discount code. In this case, you can be applied these during the checkout process.

    • For desktop: At the checkout, you will see on the right-hand side your order summary. This is where the discount code field will become visible and the code can be added.
    • For mobile:
      • At the checkout, the order summary will be collapsed by default. Expand the order summary to add your discount code in the discount code field.
      • Alternatively, continue the checkout process until the "payment" section where a discount code field will also become available.

In both cases, make sure to hit the "Apply" button which will ensure the discount is applied to your order.

For offers like "Buy X and Get X", you will need to add all the products of the offer to your cart before adding the discount code at checkout. 

How does Pre-Order work?

Pre-Orders allow you to purchase in advance a product that is not yet available.

When there are products available for Pre-Order, you can identify these with the "Pre-Order Label" or by filtering by "Pre-Order"

Pre-Order Label
Pre-Order Label

Note: When completing a pre-order you will be charged immediately during the standard checkout process. The product will be shipped to you at a later stage, more details on the date will be on the respective product page.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our mailing list to remain informed when new products become available. 

The advantages of pre-ordering are:

  • Pre-ordered products are often offered at a discounted price
  • Your order is prioritised when the product becomes available
  • You do not run the risk of missing out even when stock volumes are low

COVID related information

Due to the global pandemic, there are some temporary restrictions on where we can deliver. Please have a look at our Shipping Policy for all related details.

Who covers custom fees?

If any custom or import fees occur, buyers are responsible to cover such fees.

Where is my tracking ID?

The orders that include a tracking ID are: 

  • Orders of our apparel
  • Orders with value over 150 Euros 

For those orders, when the tracking ID becomes available we will send you an email with a link to access your tracking ID. Alternatively, log into your Tania Rosas Designs Account and access your pending order via the order history.

For all other deliveries, we use standard delivery which does not include a tracking IDs. We may offer further options in the future.