About Artist

Tania Rosas

Hello lovely, nice to see you here! So, you are curious to know who I am?

In short, my name is Tania Rosas and I am a multicultural illustrator, animator and video content creator based in Dublin, Ireland.

I bet you are here though for the longer version, so just keep reading.


Countries that influenced my life

I cannot tell my story without sharing with you the many countries I have lived in. They are all so unique and special in their own way. They represent a lot of contrasts also, which I believe today makes me a more balanced person.


Panama is my home country, it is the place where most of my family lives and is also the country that influenced most those subconscious habits. 

As I later learned, this was also the land that the little bear and little tiger thought was the land of their dreams, as per Janosh's book "Oh, wie schön ist Panama".

The vividness in people, the food, the music, the family relationships and the incredible fauna and flora are merely a few things I love about this country. 

Memories from my life in Panama Memories from my life in Panama


Switzerland & France

When I was 5 years old, thanks for my brave and inspiring mother, we moved to Switzerland and France. My mom worked for the United Nations Volunteers in Geneva and we lived there for a while and later moved to France to the little town Ferney-Voltaire.

This time to me represents the magic of discovering how much more there is in the world to explore. It was a time of many firsts like seeing snow and learning how to ski, learn French, see the breathtaking Alps, endless tunnels, crazy winding roads and of course indulge with new kinds of food, like the beloved Swiss chocolate. 

Most of our weekends we would do a road trip in my mother's tiny Fiat Uno and drive into new adventures all over Europe. 

Skiing in the Alps
Learning to ski for the first time in the Alps



Germany by far is the country that has taught me the most instruments and mindsets that I apply today. Critical and rational thinking, challenging the status quo and being persistent to reach your goals. This country challenged my views of the world, habits and beliefs. I value those experiences so much as it has made me a more balanced person.

Germany was also the time of my puberty and the time to get confused about who I am and what I enjoy, just like every other teenager in the world does. I was involved in various sport clubs, like Baseball, and a Carnival Dancing group. One of my favourites things to do was to drive my little Peugeot 206 across all the Autobahns in Germany.

Carnival Dancing Group & Baseball
Carnival Dancing group & Baseball



I am sure you have heard about the humour, kindness and heartwarming behaviour of the Irish people. If, so then you have heard right! If I had to pinpoint why this tiny Island feels so welcoming, I would have to say that it is because what's valued is who you are as a person instead of the riches or prestige one has.

In this country, I have found a lot of people with humanitarian inclinations but also the greenest grass and nature I have ever seen. It is astonishing.

An example of kindness can be seen everyday on the streets of Dublin where a person might run accidentally into another and both end up apologising to each other. Or using self-deprecating humour to make another feel better or more confident about themselves. 

Beautiful Ireland
The lush green Emerald Island, Ireland


Artistic Journey

Since I can remember, my favourite thing to do was using my hands to I draw, sew for my dolls and paint. However, my artistic journey has had turns and breaks on the road. 

National Award

When I was 9 years old there was a National Art competition where all schools in Panama and their students were enrolled. The goal was to draw the surroundings of your school and I was blessed being in the "Instituto Pedagogico" because it was located in "Las Cumbres" which is a beautiful area with a lot of mountains and nature. I was in shock when I found out that I had won second place. 

My art teacher loved me for the rest of my time in the school!

National Award Painting
National Award Paintings

Focus Pivot

During my teenage year, I would still be very interested in artistic activities but at the same time I got company from fear and the feeling that I wasn't good enough. Today, I know this is very common with artists, feeling like imposters and I believe oftentimes perfectionism is the paralysing force.

I continued to distance myself from art and focused on studying what was considered a "safe" career. I went into the path of business and computers, learning to also love these disciplines. I ended up working for companies like SAP, Accenture and Google.

Finding my way back

From my teenage times to the beginning of my professional life, art had taken a backseat. I was able to climb the professional ladder and work for world renowned companies and with incredible people. I learned so many new skills but most importantly, I learned again who I was.

A fire lit in me again and through many different hobbies I brought art back to my life. The most relevant hobbies I taught myself were sewing, acrylic pouring and leather crafting. I rediscovered a fire and passion in me for the arts again that I could no longer ignore. I even started offering acrylic pouring classes, thanks to the encouragement of a friend.

Finding my way back to being creativeFinding my way back to art

Being a full time employee, however, was time and energy constraining to do more with art. This is why after a very difficult decision to leave my comfortable job in Google, I decided to take the risk to create Tania Rosas Designs and be my authentic self.

And who is that you may ask? I am an artist with a big dream. I want to bring a splash of joy to people's lives through art & videos.