Entertainment & Projects

On This page, you'll find an overview of the video series and animations available to watch and the latest projects I am working on.

Creative Character Designs

Test your Creativity

What do you see in everyday objects? I see creative characters. Watch the playlist to see how far you can take your imagination!

Cute and quirky


Check out my cute, quirky and short animations on my YouTube Channel.

Fantasy Adventure (Coming Soon)

Kuna Realm

The Kuna Realm is a fantastical animated series about magical characters and their adventures.

This series is in development, so check out the progress and characters that have already come to life.


Travel via Art

With the Travel Via Art video series, i invite take armchair travellers and travel lovers on a world tour through art.

Let's discover the gems of the world together as I draw them and share with you their origins.

Want more?

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