Interested in a virtual Acrylic Pouring Workshop?

Interested in a virtual Acrylic Pouring Workshop?

Have you ever wondered how I create the vibrant colour explosion artwork in my Cytokinesis collection?

Earth Origin

It is created with acrylic pouring which is also know as fluid art. Pre-pandemic, I used to offer acrylic pouring workshops and team events. This is such a fun and easy technique for anybody to unleash their inner artist. 

I am planning on delivering virtual acrylic pouring workshops and if you want to get your hand covered in paint as you create your masterpiece, fill out the form below to let me know you are interested. You'll be the first to know, as soon as the workshops become available! This is also a fun event for teams to bond outside of a work environment and get to know each other. 

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What is acrylic pouring you ask?

It is an acrylic paint technique where you layer multiple acrylic paints and blend them while the paint is fluid. You end up with organic-looking shapes and cells. In these cells you let you see the underlying colours shining through. Throughout the colours, will blend beautifully at different nuances.

The layering process works because acrylic paints have different levels of pigments which determines their opacity. The more opaque colours are, e.g. white or black, the less you will see the layers underneath, opposite to the transparent colours, like yellow.

To create more cells, the paints are often prepared with mediums such as silicone, floetrol and similar pouring mediums.



Workshop Pictures

Take a look at the beautiful artwork 😍 from my students which they created during previous Acrylic Pouring workshops. This could be You unleashing your inner artist!

Creations of students Tons of cells
Colours Experimenting with paint
Planet or brain scan Exhibition of student's art

Cytokinesis collection 

Take a look at the Cytokinesis collection that contains my acrylic pouring artworks. It is named after the process of one cell dividing into 2 daughter cells because the creation of the cells is my favourite process.



Ready to unleash your inner artist?

If you are interested, fill out the form below and be the first to know when the workshop is ready.