Incognito 2022 from 31st March

Incognito 2022 from 31st March

An exhibition, me?! That's right, I landed my first exhibition at Incognito 2022! 🥳

Now that the celebration is out of the way I can tell you more about it. Incognito is an online art exhibition and sale where all the profits go to the Jack and Jill Children's Foundation. You can read more about them and what they do here.

Not only, is this for a good cause but also it is done in a fun and exciting way.  During the exhibition, people will not know who the artist is, namely, they are incognito🕵🏽‍♀️  Only after the purchase will the artist's name be revealed.


I am curious, will you'll recognise my artwork??? 

All art pieces are originals in the size of a postcard (A6) and sold at €65, an absolute steal!

The online exhibition starts on 31st March with an amazing 3,227 artworks and the sale takes place on 21st April. See how it works here.