MicroCosm Flavours progress: India & Ireland

MicroCosm Flavours progress: India & Ireland

Inspired by the recent India day in Ireland, I am creating a new MicroCosm Flavours artwork combining India and Ireland. In this video you can see the progress I am making. I am showing you how I've added texture and a 3D effect to give the illustration more depth.

Can you recognise all the elements I am using to represent each country? 

Not sure what MicroCosm Flavours are? In short, it is my art collection where I combine cultural elements from different countries to create multicultural identities and represent people with mixed backgrounds. Read more here.


Help me choose a name for the India and Ireland design! 

To represent each country I am mixing the Indian Goddess Saraswati and what she represents with Irish instruments and symbols.

I am considering using the names of each country in the native/ancient language which would be “Eire” for Ireland in Gaelic and “Bharat” for India in Sanskrit. It could be named “Eirat”.


Which one do you like most? Let me know in the comments!