Order timelines for the 2020 Holiday Season

Order timelines for the 2020 Holiday Season

The holiday season craze has begun! With that in mind, the volumes of orders across the world and with that also the number of deliveries significantly increase around this time of the year.

For our helping "elves", aka the lovely people at the post office, are working extra hard to make sure deliveries arrive on time. This year in particular, delivery times might be additionally impacted by ongoing COVID-19 related events. 

It is therefore incredibly helpful when customers place their orders as early as possible so that we have sufficient time to make your goodies, the post "elves" have time to ship them and, of course most importantly, that your loved ones receive their gifts on time!

The below table shows the recommended dates for 2020 by which an order needs to be placed so that there is enough time to produce your goodies and deliver them prior to 24th December. The suggested dates vary depending on the product you order and their destination. 

Recommended order timelines

 Products Rep. of Ireland UK & Northern Ireland Rest of Europe Rest of the World
  • Printed Media
  • Small bags & accessories
17 DEC 14 DEC 8 DEC 3 DEC
  • Apparel
  • Large bags
14 DEC 11 DEC 5 DEC 30 NOV

 Here is a legend describing the products:

  • Printed Media: Art prints, postcards, notebooks and colouring books 
  • Small bags & accessories: Sleeves, cutlery bag, necklaces and wallets
  • Apparel: T-shirts, hoodies and hoodie dresses
  • Large bags: Medium to large sized handbags and backpacks

Too late to order in time?

If you are unable to order in advance or are uncertain what to get, consider purchasing a Tania Rosas Designs Gift Card. It will be digitally sent to you after placing your order, hassle free and give your loved one the freedom to choose their favourite design and product. 


Happy gifting!