Turn horror characters into cute ones

Turn horror characters into cute ones

For Halloween, I created fun and easy themed tutorials for the occasion like how to draw a pumpkin, how to animate a candle and a guess the movie video 👇👇👇.


Did you guess the movie right? It is the classic horror movie from 1978 Halloween, of course. If the drawing wasn't enough, for sure the sound gave it away. As I was drawing Mike Myers, also known as the shape, I had to look into his soulless piercing eyes for way too long! This gave me the idea why not transform it into a cute and funny version to make it less scary?!

It reminded me of the Riddikulus spell from Harry Potter that turns Boggarts from what you fear the most into something ridiculous and funny. Needless to say, I used the Riddikulus spell on Mike Myers and created a cute and silly animation!

From horror to cute

In the below video, I show you how to turn a scary character into a cute cartoon version and animate it. I share my process from start to end on how I turned the soulless Mike Myers into his cute self.

Follow along with your favourite horror character!

Sourcing footage for videos and animations

When creating videos and animations, I usually need a mixture of stock video, video templates, music, sound effects, graphics, images and more to create my vision. To find the right footage and elements for my videos and animations, I use Envato Elements for at least 3 years now.

Envato Elements offers a wide variety of content on a centralised platform for a flat fee. This means it is my one stop shop where I can download as much as I need and as many times as I like without increasing my costs. 

When I began my video creation journey, I started with copyright free sources like PixabayUnsplash and Pexels. Very quickly it became challenging to find the right asset at the right quality, and many of these sources would offer only one type of asset like images but no music or stock video which then became also a very frustrating and time consuming process. 

If you struggle to create your videos or animations due to lack of footage, I would definitely recommend you check out Envato Elements

Riddikulus! 🌟

Here is the finished cute Mike Myers 2D animation, enjoy!

Bonus: Top 3 Shortcuts in Adobe Animate

Animate faster with my top 3 favourite shortcuts for Adobe Animate! Instead of wasting time searching for the buttons on the UI with the mouse, simply use:

  • F5: Adds a frame
  • F6: Adds a keyframe
  • F7: Adds a blank keyframe

You can even reverse the action with by adding shift:

  • Shift + F5: Removes a frame
  • Shift + F6: Deletes a keyframe

You'll thank me later!



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