Tania Rosas Designs


My name is Tania Rosas and I am based in Dublin, Ireland. I am the multicultural artist behind Tania Rosas Designs. The theme of Tania Rosas Designs is "Travel via art".

With my designs I want to:

🧳 Awaken cultural curiosity & 👩🏾‍🎨 Unleash creativity

I invite you to embark on a cultural and imaginative journey via my creations.

Travel the world via art

Awakening Cultural Curiosity

Having grown up in various countries plus the fact that I love travelling, has given me the opportunity to experience many cultures in the world.

I strongly believe that your heart and soul expands when you travel because it humbles you. It challenges everything you considered "normal".

At the same time, growing up multiculturally comes with a price; the sense of not belonging neither here nor there.

With my art we'll challenge what's "normal", discover "Beauties & Wonders" in the world and create a home for multicultural people to belong to via cultural fusion art in "MicroCosm Flavours".

Let your inner child shine

Imagination Jungle

Only in my mid-thirties, did I allow my inner artist to come out to play. While I cherish all the experiences I gained over the years outside of the creative field, I could not be happier now experiencing life as an artist. 

If you feel trapped in a profession or life that doesn't fulfil you and you miss a creative outlet, I will be honoured to guide you on your quest to discover your inner artist. 

My imaginative, quirky and joyful art, I have grouped under "Imagination Jungle". It will serve to encourage creativity and self-love with the intention to provide you with the right mindset.

Tutorials & Behind the scenes

Unleash Creativity

In addition to my Imagination Jungle that encourages creativity, I help you learn from the skills I have acquired.

As a self-taught artist, I am extremely grateful for skilled content creators who share their knowledge. To give back to the community and enable others to unleash their creativity, I also create tutorials and behind the scene videos. This will equip you with the skills to create your own masterpieces.

Find out more about artist & stories

Got curious?

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