Crossword Puzzle: Panama's biodiversity

Crossword Puzzle: Panama's biodiversity

Colouring Book Panama

With our colouring book "Panama" we invite you to embark on a colourful journey all the way into the rainforest of Panama. This crossword puzzle is based on the 15 beautiful creatures represented in the colouring book and hopefully you learn a thing or too about these unique animals. 

Can you guess the answers correctly without looking at the colouring book?


Have fun!

 Crossword Puzzle Panama's Biodiversity



1. This small mammal is an excellent fish hunter. They have folded skin on their face that makes them look like a specific dog species who they are also named after.

2. These enormous sea creatures are beautiful singers and their tales are unique, like human fingerprints.

3. This bird uses its bill to eat and to regulate its body temperature.

4. This mammal is a pull-up master and can turn its head up to 300 degrees due to a unique vertebrae structure.

5. This mammal is the largest of its kind and has sharp claws to dig hole, a very long tongues to eat but no teeth.

6. This bird can sleep during its flight and during mating season, the males will inflate their colourful throats.

7. This animal is a distant relative of wolves which and domestic dogs. One of they nicknames is "Vinegar dog" as supposedly they smell like vinegar.

8. This is one of the largest birds in the world and the national bird of Panama.

9. This cat was worshipped as a god in ancient South American cultures. It is the third largest cat in the world and you may spot one swimming across the Panama Canal.

10. This reptile has a third eye that helps them detect movement.



11. This tiny amphibian is one of the national animals from Panama. Its toxic skin can kill more than 1000 mice.

12. They are the smallest monkey living in Panama and have a rocker look with their mohawk hairstyle.

13. This insect's wings are transparent which makes them look like glass.

14. This sea creature can weight up to 1 ton and is the only species without a hard shell. 

15. This amphibian camouflashes nicely with the leaves in the rainforest but will startle predators with its bright coloured eyes. 


    Need Help? There may be more clues on the colouring book "Panama" page.

    Think you got it right? Verify your answers under the section "Answers to Crossword Puzzle: Panama's biodiversity" on the colouring book "Panama" page.

    Additional Notes: 

    • The blackout cells are spaces.
    • One answer contains an apostrophe, ignore it.
    • The number at the end of each clue tells you the number of characters (including spaces if any) that the correct answer has.
    • The numbers in pink before the cells shows you which clue corresponds to which cell entry. 

    Got curious?

    Reading up on these beautiful animals made me appreciate how vast, weird and unique nature is. If you got curious and want to read more about these animals, here are some resources: