Drawing of the frigate bird

Drawing of the frigate bird

The colouring book Panama is the first colouring book that we've designed and it was so much fun!

Colouring book Panama

Colouring Book Panama

We carefully curated the list of animals to ensure there is diversity and really showcases the biodiversity of Panama. A lot of research went into creating this colouring book which was both fascinating and educative.

We truly hope that the energy we felt while creating this colouring book continues to flow into your colourful journey to Panama and discovery of its beauties and wonders while colouring it.

A lot of thought went into the selection of the paper as well. It is important to us that you can colour with as many mediums as possible. Therefore, the paper we selected has some texture to facilitate particularly pencil colouring and also thick enough to protect the page underneath and avoid bleed-throughs when using ink based pens or paint. As a bonus, the premium paper feels amazingly soft in your hands.

And for the lefties, we have made this colouring book top-bounded to give freedom to your hands when colouring!

"The Drawing of Frigate bird" is a behind the scenes video showing you how the stars of the colouring book were made. Make sure to turn on the sound for a playful and relaxing music.


If you got curious, check out the Colouring Book Panama, it might be just the journey you need right now!

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