Dublin Canvas Project

Dublin Canvas Project

I've had had the most amazing experience by taking part in the Dublin Canvas Project in July/August 2022. This is an initiative fully funded by the Dublin City Council to bring colour and creativity to the city, how wonderful! 

For years, I had seen the beautiful artworks all over Dublin and always wanted to participate. This year, I applied and was absolutely thrilled when my artwork "Fairy Forest" was accepted. This artwork was inspired by the Dodder River and its surroundings in Rathfarnham.

There is a magic Fairy Forest along the River Dodder. The fairies have built their homes on Yew trees from where they enjoy the beautiful nature, like the Japanese Knotweed or Himalayan Balsam, and, of course, fishing like the locals. 

This experience was magical thanks to all the people involved, David the organiser, the warm welcome of the people of Rathfarnham, Linda from South Dublin County Council, all of my friends that visited and the people shouting "It looks incredible" or other funny things out of their cars as they drove by! Huge thank you to you all 💜

Below you can see highlights on how I sketched, painted and finalised the artwork on the electric box. A lot more work went into it behind the scenes, so I am creating a longer video with my tips and tricks for those interested in painting a box. Make sure to sign up to my newsletter or subscribe to my Youtube Channel to not miss it.

Check out the final artwork for yourself here, at the intersection of Butterfield Avenue and Rathfarnham Road, in Dublin 14:

1. Sketching the Artwork

2. Painting 

 And more painting...

3. Line Work

4. Tada...Finished 

Stay tuned for a more in-depth video by signing up to my newsletter or subscribing to my Youtube Channel to not miss it.