People's Art

People's Art

People's Art

A dream is coming true for me on the weekend of 19th-21st August 2022 (between 11 am - 4 pm). I am thrilled to be taking part at the People's Art Exhibition in Dublin at the beautiful St. Stephen's Green Park (north side)

People's Art is a public exhibition where all types of visual artists get to display their artwork around St. Stephen's Green park, an iconic location in Dublin city. 

When I was a child and lived in France, I got mesmerised by The Bouquinistes of Paris. There was so much art and it had such a special charm to me. This was the moment I knew I wanted to become an artist. My 5-year-old self was mesmerised! 

Take yourself to The Bouquinistes of Paris in the short clip below. 



A few decades later, I am about to tick off this dream of my bucket list and experience the Irish version of the Bouquinistes de Paris. 

I can almost not contains my excitement! In the past days, I have been preparing all my colourful and cultural original artworks for the event. Here is a selection of my creations:


Join me in my excitement, come to People's Art and say hello. I'd love to see you there 💜