Halloween Art Tutorials

Halloween Art Tutorials

During Halloween there is always a surge in fantastical creativity! Between the Halloween decorations, the Halloween-themed movies and the vibe in the air, how can you not get inspired?

I love fantasy as you can see in my fantastical designs and for Halloween I've made 2 art tutorial videos for you to enjoy and recreate. 

Did you know that Halloween originates in Ireland? It's root come from the tradition Samhain, the Feast of the Dead. It is an Irish word pronounced like sown. Find out how the Irish invented Halloween here.

Painting the acrylic pouring artwork "Meteor Spirits"

Inspired by Halloween in this video, I am creating an Acrylic Pouring artwork called Meteor Spirits. I will show you how I made it in 6 steps in this Halloween-themed video. Try to find the Meteor Spirits coming from outer space, in this Acrylic pouring artwork made for a spooky Halloween.

The materials that you will need to follow the art tutorial are:

  • Art Panel
  • Gesso
  • Acrylic Paints: Neon green, lilac, dark purple and white Cups
  • Lolly sticks or something to stir
  • Acrylic pouring medium: Floetrol
  • Gloves Torch
  • Varnish: Glossy or satin

This fantasy artwork is now also available at Tania Rosas Designs, check it out with the link below. 

Meteor Spirit Art Print

Drawing a magical witch for Halloween

In this time lapse video and tutorial, I am showing you how I am drawing a magical witch. This Halloween-themed video will show you my thought process on the elements I chose to draw a magical witch, my inspirations and the steps I use to draw and colour the magical witch.

The witch drawing is done with pencil, fine liner and coloured with markers, so you don't need much to recreate this design. I personally use:

  • Any bright white paper or card stock to achieve a high contrast with my vibrant colouring style
  • A HB or 2B pencil for soft lines
  • A black fine liner 0.3 for the main lines and optionally 0.005 for finer lines
  • Markers of your choice. I use ProMarkers by Winsor and Newton and Ohuhu but go with whatever you enjoy using.

Both fantastical artworks will be available on my art shop soon, so stay tuned! Happy Halloween to you!