How to paint a toucan on leather

How to paint a toucan on leather

Have you ever wanted to paint on leather but didn't know how? Maybe you want to perk up a bag or case you already have.

Look no further, I made a tutorial for you where you can see how I paint a keel-billed toucan on a leather kindle sleeve I made. 

Unleash your inner artist

Together we will learn

  1. Materials needed (list of options below)
  2. Preparing files for print
  3. Transferring your design to leather
  4. Testing the paints on the leather
  5. Painting your designs
  6. Leather varnishing options

Should you create this project, make sure to tag me @taniarosasdesigns on Instagram so I can admire your beautiful creations! 

Enjoy the video!


Material list options

In case you are having trouble finding the materials, here is a list of options:

Optional to sew case & print:

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        Voila it is done

        Toucan Kindle Sleeve


        This little toucan is no longer available but this cute red-eyed frog is. Collect it to get a new tropical companion!

        Red-Eyed Frog Kindle Sleeve

        Collect yours