Tania Rosas Designs Mini Workshop Tour

Tania Rosas Designs Mini Workshop Tour

Welcome to my "crib", the Tania Rosas Designs workshop! The inspiration for my work comes from all over the world though, in this mini-tour, I am showing you where all the creative magic gets transformed into art and bags.


This video came to exist because of my new optical illusion artwork "Inside Out" which makes you wonder if you are indoors or outdoors. It was inspired by the phenomenon that what you feel on the inside will be reflected in your room, namely the outside!

What does my workshop tell you about me?

In my workshop, I see a lot of art, workspace, tools and technology. This tells me I am obsessed with my art and work! 👩🏾‍🎨 🎨

Take a closer look at my new optical illusion artwork: "Inside Out".

Collect optical illusion

Now, look around your room and tell me what your room says about you!