The Inspiration for "Elephant in the Ice Jungle"

The Inspiration for "Elephant in the Ice Jungle"

A few days ago, I visited the Dublin Zoo. They have an outdoors Safari tour and the weather that day was gorgeous!

We got to see loads of unique animals, among them these majestic elephants 👑🐘. Take a look at them!


The elephants were just chilling enjoying the day. They reminded me of the elephant ice sculpture I saw in the Ice Hotel in Kiruna (Sweden) which is the inspiration of my artwork Elephant in the Ice Jungle

Ice hotel entrance


In 2016, I visited the craziest hotel I have ever been to the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden. I say Kiruna cause it is easier to write but really it is located in Jukkasjärvi, a tiny village in the very north of Sweden. 

This hotel made out of ice is hand-sculpted 😳  since 1989 out of the water that flows in the river Torne. Every year they invite talented sculpturists to decorate the rooms. Even though this hotel is full of incredible art, it is also meant to be slept in and enjoy a few drinks at the ice bar! 

Ice bed Ice bar

If the idea of sleeping on an ice bed doesn't sound inviting, they also offer warm beds.

There are lovely activities like taking a tour on a snowmobile and chasing after the northern lights in this magical winter wonderland. For fellow creators, you can also put your ice sculpting to the test in the workshops they offer. 

It is an experience that should not be missed if you get the opportunity.  

Can you believe there is a fire extinguisher… in an Ice Hotel??? 😂

Fire extinguisher

There were many beautiful sculptures and decorations in the Ice Hotel. By far for me, the elephant sculpture took my breath away and it became the inspiration for my artwork “Elephant in the Ice Jungle”

Elephant Sculpture


Take a look at the artwork in the art print close-up video


Jump on a snowmobile and take a piece of the Ice Hotel to your home by collecting the Elephant in the Ice Jungle artwork!


Elephant in the Ice Jungle