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Welcome to the magical world of the Kuna Realm! In this article you will find out how it all began from the concept creation all the way to the character creation. 

First, watch the video below to discover the origins of this fantastical realm. After that, enjoy the short clips below each character to see how they evolved from the sketches. 


Goddess Siprel


This is the first Kuna Realm artwork was Siprel with her helpers.

I am working on a video to show you how I painted this original art painting on a wood panel. Stay tuned and signed up to my Youtube Channel to be the first to hear about it. 



Rise is an underwater fairy that creates bubbles filled with playful and joyful energy. When those bubbles burst, anything within its radius will be filled with happiness and good vibes.

See her evolution from the sketch.


Majestic Tucarus


The Tucarus is classified as an exotic aves distant from toucans due to its embellished head shape. It is usually seen on Siprel's shield but when danger is imminent it comes out in is full glory.⁠ 

Tembo Msichana

Tembo Msichana

Tembo Msichana represents nature and her magical power is being telepathically connected with all animals, plants and the land in the Kuna Realm. 

Her name means "elephant girl" in Swahili. Looking closely you can see various elements she reflects from nature like her legs looking like elephant trunks.

Prince Taru

Prince Taru is Siprel's brother. He is a warrior that can create earthquakes by hitting the ground with his fists alone. I have not yet finished this character, so there is more to come!


What character should be next?

Tell me, what characters would you like to see next? The adventurous Scorder, the wise Ardinium, the flying Cora or Prince Taru (see above)?


Animation or Comic?

I have been contemplating taking the Kuna Realm story to the next level with 2D/3D animation or a comic. What would you prefer? I'd love to hear your thoughts, tell me in the comments!

Animation or comic

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