Making of "Denise" cork leather backpack

Making of "Denise" cork leather backpack

In this article you will find 2 videos that show the process of making the "Denise backpack".

This bag originates from a custom order. The customer wanted a laptop backpack made out of cork leather and the organic canvas "Tropical Forest". I've documented the process in these 2 videos so you can join the experience.

After collecting the specs and wishes from my customer, I created a rough sketch in pencil and paper. Once I had an idea of what it should look like, I created a digital drawing to present it to my customer. You can see how I made it in the first video. 

 Step 1: From sketch to digital drawing  


I shared the digital drawing along with all available options, pricing and timelines for the customer to sign off on. After some minor changes, I went ahead and worked on the bag. You can see how it came to life in the next video. 

Step 2: Creating the backpack from the digital drawing


I hope you enjoyed the videos!

It was a lot of fun making this bag and the videos for that matter, so I have kept the bag in my shop along with other cork leather products that complement it beautifully.  

Denise Backpack


If you would like your own custom bag, I'd love to hear from you! Simply contact me so I can design your perfect bag.

If you got curious about cork leather, read this article to understand what it is and how it is made.