How to take care of your apparel

How to take care of your apparel

We are firm believers of slow fashion. The amount of clothing that gets thrown out because it is no longer trendy is shocking and harming to the environment and also detrimental to your hard-earned money.

We want to help you maximise the lifespan of your clothing by:

  • Offering only high-quality apparel made of sustainable materials, and
  • Showing you how to take great care of your apparel so you can enjoy and keep it as vibrant and beautiful for as long as possible. 

Washing Recommendations

  1. Wash your apparel inside out
  2. With a cold machine wash (max 30 ° or 90 ° F)
  3. Wash with similar colours*

*If you already wash your clothes in separate colours, by all means continue doing this. Personally, I mix all colours as long as I know there isn't an item that can stain and haven't had any issues with the apparel we offer. 

Robot washing

Wash only when dirty or smelly

This is a general recommendation that applies to any clothing. If it isn't dirty or smelly, there is no need to wash your clothes after only 1 use. Washing clothes is in general not good for:

  • The environment due to the energy consumption and also particles of micro plastic will land in the water mains
  • Your electricity/water bill which will be bigger
  • Fabric, its colours and designs which will deteriorate the more you wash regardless of its quality

Avoid dryers

Dryers are additional energy consumption and have a tendency to shrink your clothes. This is particularly the case with items like hoodies and hoodie dresses. We recommend, if you can, to dry your clothes 'au naturelle' on a horse wrack or washing line.

Ironing Recommendations

  1. Do not iron on the design*
  2. Iron on the wrong side

Consider using a steamer which is more gentle to the fabric. 

*This could damage both the design and your iron. The technology used to apply the design uses heat, so applying heat with the iron might remove the design. 

Storage Recommendations

If you have the luxury and space to hang your apparel, do it. It will allow for the fabric to breath and avoid marks and fold line. And if there are no fold lines, you won't need to iron or steam it at all or as much.