Microcosm Flavour: "Vietway"

Microcosm Flavour: "Vietway"

Microcosm Flavours is a limited collection of art pieces and goods found exclusively at Tania Rosas Designs. This collection challenges the way we look at identity and celebrate diversity, uniqueness and authenticity. 

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MicroCosm Flavours Label

The collection showcases how complex an identity can be, particularly but not exclusively for people with a mixed background and strives to blur the lines of geographical nationality which often forces an identity upon people.

Our goal with this collection is to help anybody feeling out of place, to discover and celebrate their own uniqueness! 

Introducing the MicroCosm Flavour: Vietway

"Vietway" Art Print

"Vietway" Art Print


The ingredients: 

  • In front of the painting, you will see a girl wearing the iconic Norwegian “Mariusgenseren” (The Marius Sweater). This sweater made of wool is traditionally made in the colours of the Norwegian flag. It celebrates the knitting history that has existed for centuries in Norway.

  • On the girl’s head, you will see an “Nón Lá” which is a conical leaf hat and a traditional symbol of Vietnam. There is a legend describing how this hat came to the Vietnamese people. It was after heavy rain causing flood and terrible conditions for growing rice when a graceful goddess descended from the sky. She was wearing a giant hat made of four large leaves stitched together by bamboo sticks. The hat protected the people and the crops from the rain, allowing people to return to their normal lives. The exact date when it was created is unknown but it appears on the Trong Dong Ngoc Lu (Ngoc Lu bronze drum) and Thap Dong Dao Thinh (large bronze cylindrical jar of Dao Thinh) known to date back some 2,500 to 3,000 years ago.  

Vietnamese "Non La" Hat
  •  A table and window frame in Scandinavian interior design frame the art. This home decor is known for its clean lines, decluttered spaces and wood. It is a very contemporary look due to its minimalistic nature.
  • Norway is full of beautiful landscapes and its second-largest city, “Bergen”, is depicted in this artwork. It has the vibe of a small town, packed with charm and urban character. It is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking but it is most famous for being the UNESCO World Heritage site Bryggen, “The Hanseatic Wharf”. It is a remnant from the time Bergen used to be the centre of trade between Norway and the rest of Europe.

Bergen Norway

  • At the top of the artwork, you can the name of the represented countries in their respective languages “Viet Nam” and “Norge”. I was inspired by Vietnamese calligraphy and a Viking derived typeface.
  • Vietnam would not be accurately represented without the famous “Pho”, a delicious noodle soup with typically beef or chicken that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Originally, it was called “xáo trâu” and was made with slices of water buffalo meat cooked in broth with rice vermicelli. It is believed that both French and Chinese cuisine heavily influenced this dish during the early 1900s. Rice noodles and spices were imported from China and the French popularized the eating of red meat. In Vietnam today, this soup is typically served with a lot of coriander, beansprouts and “cam sành”, a lemon looking fruit that has orange flesh, to elevate the flavour of the soup.
  • During my stay in Vietnam, I was told that the “V” hand signs can stand for Vietnam or victory. And for me, it is another way to say “Thank you” to my dear friend that shared her story with me, so that I could share it with you!

I hope you have enjoyed the delicious Microcosm Flavours: "Vietway". Yum! 

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