Vietnamese cuisine: Banh Xeo

Vietnamese cuisine: Banh Xeo

During my visit in Vietnam, we visited various cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue and Tràng An. All cities were so different yet delicious food was something they all had in common. Get an impression of Tràng An in this clip.

In Ho Chi Minh City, which is formerly known as Saigon, we did a food tour on motorbikes. That was such a fun experience riding on a bike driving around the streets of Ho Chin Min and stopping to taste the best street and restaurant foods it has to offer.

Some of the highlights were Green Mango Salad, crabs in tamarinds sauce and Banh Xeo. As for the most famous dishes, I had Phở Bo everyday for breakfast (yes, it is considered a breakfast meal) and Banh Mi we had from a tiny place.

I am lucky that one of my close friends is from Vietnam. She taught me how to make Banh Xeo and here is a short clip of what it looked like.

Because the Vietnamese cuisine was such a big part of our trip, it couldn't be missed in the Vietway artwork where you'll see a delicious bowl of Phở Bo with a garnishing plate full of fresh herbs and Vietnamese lemons (they are orange on the inside!). Can you smell it?


Vietway art


I was recently made aware of the current strict Vietnamese pandemic restrictions that are affecting food supply. You can read more about the situation here. If you would like to help via a donation, check out Maison Chance who feed disadvantaged people in Vietnam.