An impression of Tràng An, Vietnam

An impression of Tràng An, Vietnam

Vietnam has so many beautiful places to visit. In this article, I want to give you an impression of Tràng An, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Vietnam. Take a look at this clip: 

We were about 5-6 people on small rowing boats. We were taken along a trail under a cave in these boats which were operated by Vietnamese women. These women are strong and their rowing technique is at another level! This in combination with the idyllic and calm surrounding, it felt like we were gliding on that lake. It was so peaceful. 

You might also have noticed the iconic Nón Lá hat. These hats are not just for tourists, we saw a lot of people in Vietnam using them! Read more about this hat's story here.

All of these impressions from Vietnam have inspired the Vietnamese part of the artwork Vietway. Bring some of that peace to your home with this cultural artwork: 

Vietway art